Healthcare devices

Phlebotomy bag

Phlebotomy PVC collection bag (500ml).

Available with luer-lock connection or needle.

Fluid collection bag

Set of bags for closed biological fluid collection systems (ascite, pleural fluid).

3 presentations: double bag, single bag (with additional luer-lock connection) and additional bag.

Irrigation bag

3000ml PVC Bag.

Flip-off Irrigation port.

3 solutions available: Water for irrigation, Normal saline for irrigation, Glycine 1,5%.

The solutions are indicated in the endoscopic transurethral procedures that require the distension and irrigation of the urinary bladder.

Cooling bag

250ml PVC Bag.

Sodium Chloride solution.

Iced solution indicated for organ removal and transplantations procedures to reduce the ischemia events.

Medical devices